Hi there, I am Eduard Moix and I graduated from Terraferma in 2001-02 (XXVIII promoció). After taking my Architectural Studies at the ESARQ-UIC in Barcelona, I worked in London for some months before moving to Singapore.

For the last years, I have been working with Broadway Malyan, a multi-national Architectural firm with offices worldwide. In the Singapore office, we manage the South East Asian market alongside some projects for China and India as well. This job has given me great opportunities to visit new places, design for various clients, and grow professionally in a totally different scenario from what we have been exposed to in Europe.

Singapore is a great city to live in, and one of its biggest attraction is its cosmopolitan atmosphere. Our office is a clear example of the local scene. We are about 70 people representing a total of 17 different countries!

I believe that Terraferma succeeded in laying a great legacy of core human values for me. Integrity, loyalty and friendship among others, are values I can truly be proud of.